Tom Grant
Lead Guide

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Half American half British, Tom has been living in Chamonix since 2009 and is a full time IFMGA guide and mountain athlete, sponsored by Black Crows, Scarpa, Jöttnar, Grivel and Sungod. With nearly a decade of guiding experience, Tom is passionate about sharing epic adventures in the mountains with his guests and specialises in alpine climbing, rock climbing and steep skiing. 

Photograph of Tom Grant, Guide for Outlier Ascents, UK based Mont Blanc climbing tour package
Outlier Ascents. Tom Grant, Lead Guide. From UK climbing tour package


Tom has also climbed and skied around the world, from north faces in the Alps, to big walls in Yosemite to the remote peaks of the Hindu Kush in Pakistan. Most notably, Tom has skied many technical first descents on big ski mountaineering lines in the Alps, New Zealand, Alaska, Canada, Norway and Pakistan.

“Climbing with a guide felt very clean, safe and comfortable. They did all they could to ensure you reach the summit and return safely.”

Why the mountains?

I was obsessed with the mountains from a young age, always wanting to climb trees or when it snowed in Virginia where I grew up, pretending I was climbing an alpine peak. I started skiing and rock climbing in my teens and then exploring alpine climbing became a logical progression from that. 

What are the worst things about the mountains?

Losing friends, there is a dark side to serious mountain sports. There is no way to escape the risk involved with high level climbing and skiing. 

What’s your most epic experience to date?

In 2017, two friends and I skied one of the world’s biggest unskied lines, the Caroline Face on Mt. Cook, the highest peak in New Zealand. The Caroline Face is one of the world’s largest skiable alpine faces at nearly 2,000m of vertical and had been attempted by several strong teams in the past. Once we rapped into the top of the face we were fully committed to the line and the only way was down. Luckily we efficiently navagated the complex line, finding a way to rappel over a large serac band in the middle.

What does life outside of Outlier Ascents look like for you?

Most of my life revolves around mountain sports, but when I’m not in the mountains I love training for them. I have a son who is 10 years old and he is a big focus of my life outside of the mountains. I also love traveling and discovering new cultures and places.