Ben Brewer
Lead Coach

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Ben is our resident Coach at Outlier Ascents and the main man to get you mountain ready!

Ever since a little kid he’s been infatuated by the outdoors, climbing trees, swimming in the sea and camping. Any opportunity he has you’ll find him outside and exploring the world and constantly hear him talking about the ‘pull back to nature’.

Photograph of Ben Brewer, Head Coach for Outlier Ascents, UK based Mont Blanc climbing tour package
Outlier Ascents. Ben Brewer Lead Coach. From UK climbing tour package

Ben has been working in the fitness industry for almost 10 years, coaching in Crossfit Gyms, Olympic Weightlifting and Personal Training. His focus has always been on helping clients live the best possible life and create fulfilment through fitness, hence the reason OutlierAscents is such a passion for himself. He’s the man that will lead you through your training, keep you learning, building and pushing onto the mountains and will be there every step of the way.

His fulfilment is seeing you both develop physically and mentally, along the ultimate goal of scaling Mont Blanc.

“I started working with Ben back in 2020, after deciding I needed to change my approach to training and lifestyle as I was just going through the motions rather than making significant progress. There has been loads of change i’ve seen with not just my strength improving but my awareness of my body through working on conscious movements, this was an area that took me nicely by surprise as before I didn’t realise I was potentially coasting in the gym.

Tom Freeman

Why the mountains?

What better way to teach you about life then realising you are so small and insignificant? You have zero control in the mountains, you just have to keep yourself moving forward one step at a time when it gets tough. This builds character and resilience so when you come back to normal life, you realise what’s more important… what actually matters.

 I attribute a huge part of my easy going attitude to the mountains, they’ve taught me to let go and be present. They’ve taught me how to keep pushing when you don’t want to. In your day to day life you may have the opportunity to take it easy and take the day off but in the mountains if you give up that’s it. You can’t give up, you can only keep moving forward.

What are the worst things about the mountains?

The mountains have the ability to expose us for who we really are. This for me is the worst and best thing. Sustained hardship can push us to our very limits and will often expose all our many weaknesses and character flaws. This hard, but it is only here that we can truly develop and start to build that inner strength that will drive us on.

What’s your most epic experience to date?

I’ve been lucky to have had a wide variety of unrelated experiences, however one that I have tattooed on me is ascending Mount Fuji in Japan. It’s not the highest mountain or a particularly hard climb, but the build up to it was something I’ll never forget. After being reunited with one of my very best friends after years apart, we got right back to where we had left off and spent the night exploring and partying in Seoul before a 4am flight to Tokyo. We then landed and hopped on a bus to the town at the bottom of Mount Fuji. This ominous red rock with a snowy top lay ahead. We then chanced a last bus and arrived half way up at the 5th station at 5pm. Here we waited in a small classroom-esque room, with no water or food until midnight, chatting, laughing and sharing stories. It was a beautiful evening of connecting with friends. Fast forward the 3-4 hour climb to the summit for sunrise and we were exhausted with a lack of sleep, and still no water. To make matters worse I was in shorts and trainers… but… it was the clearest morning and the sunrise was unimaginable!!

What does life outside of Outlier Ascents look like for you?

Plenty of travel, training and enjoying life! I love to move around and use my fitness for freedom, explore new sports and new countries. So, if I’m not in St Albans or the Alps, then I’m probably off exploring some far flung corner of the earth.