We know that you may have some questions about our program and what it entails. Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

What fitness level is required for the program?

Our program is designed for individuals of all fitness levels. However, we do recommend that you have a baseline level of fitness before beginning the program.

What equipment is required for the program?

We will provide you with a detailed list of required equipment before the start of the program.

Can I join the program if I have no prior climbing experience?

Yes, our program is designed for individuals of all skill levels.

Is the Mont Blanc climb safe?

Mountaineering is inherently dangerous, that’s ultimately it’s allure, but we work with highly trained and accredited local guides who work in the Mont Blanc Massif year round. Their primary responsibility is your safety and overall experience. They will take all necessary measures to ensure that throughout your adventure and get you home safely with great memories.

Is a Mont Blanc summit guaranteed with your company?

We will endeavour to summit Mont Blanc on all our trips, but only when the conditions are right and the risks can be managed effectively. Your experience and safety is our focus and would rather an amazing experience on another peak than a close call and or failed attempt on Mont Blanc.