Aaron Harris

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Aaron is the Outlier Ascents film maker along with our very own Harlow boy come good. He brings the magic of the mountains to life and shines a light on the personalities and experiences of our team and clients. He has the massive responsibility for doing the Alps and our adventures justice on the big screen. His natural enthusiasm and energy for life is infectious, adding a great dynamic to our team and the expeditions.

Photograph of Aaron Harris, film maker in Mont Blanc for Outlier Ascents, UK based Mont Blanc climbing tour package
Photograph of Aaron Harris, film maker in Mont Blanc for Outlier Ascents, UK based Mont Blanc climbing tour package

As a budding film maker and photographer, Aaron has a real passion for creating images and capturing genuine emotion, drama and experiences. It is this that lead him to working extensively within the fitness and sports industry and ultimately to the mountains and OutlierAscents. In fact, it was the mountains and physical demands of shooting in this environment that gave Aaron his second wind in life, after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2018. This has not held him back and much like the mountains has only exposed who he is and forced him to push forward. Today you can expect to see him chasing you across North Wales and / or flying drones in the high Alps, along with occasionally stripping off and jumping into the first mountain lake he comes across, regardless of the time of year!   

“Not only were the photos and videos great, the ability to make the group feel comfortable in front of the camera made the entire process easy and fun.”

Leo Lundgren

Why the mountains?

Stunning, epic scenery and real, raw emotion. Mountains are nature in it’s purest form and forces you take in their beauty and connect with who you are deep down in places you forgot existed. Catching that on film is a special privilege. You can’t beat it!

What are the worst things about the mountains?

There are none in Harlow.

What’s your most epic experience to date?

Has to be my last trip out Alps. I was filming a trip for a charity expedition and we had attempted to climb Mont Blanc via the ‘3 Monts’, but the weather gods were against us on that one. We were returning to the aiguille du midi after an awesome few days on the massif and got caught in an epic Snowstorm. To be fair our guides new about it and navigated us safely, but I was not prepared for the heavy winds and sideways snow drift that hit us. Having to work our way along a knife edge ridge above 3000 metres with only room for one foot in front of another. The team I was roped to and ice axe became my life lines as I continued to lose my footing continuously on the traverse. My hood had also been blown off my face which was now being battered for the remainder of the 30 mins. This truly pushed me to my limits and I cannot ever do it justice when telling people just how exposed and epic it felt. It is these moments that I find special and hard to ever forget.

What does life outside of Outlier Ascents look like for you?

Much of my time outside of the Mountains is spent either as a content creator on YouTube or working as a freelancer photographer and videographer, shooting CrossFit and sporting competitions around the country. I also work a lot with businesses helping them to standout and thrive on social media. Beyond this I’m usually in the gym, training for my next adventure and, if I’m honest, spending way too much time trying to do handstands.