Luke Gibson

Strength and Conditioning Coach

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Luke is our very own Strength and Conditioning expert and adds an important dynamic to the training team. He brings focus, drive and most importantly 20 years of Strength conditioning, having worked with individuals at all levels of fitness. His tailored approach and attention to detail elevates our Clients training and experience of the most important part of our Desk to Summit Package and Affiliate support.


Outlier Ascents. Luke Gibson Strength and Conditioning Coach. Mont Blanc Training and Guiding. UK based
Outlier Ascents. Luke Gibson Strength and Conditioning Coach. Mont Blanc Training and Guiding. UK based

What’s interesting is Luke’s work on the “The Human Upgrade” project he’s been running outside of Outlier Ascents. It brings a whole other dynamic to working with Luke, beyond just strength. It looks at you as person and encourages the best version out.

Another aspect to Luke is a deep-seated passion for exploring new destinations and cultures driving his love for travel and food. But when not eating or training, you can expect to find him with is family and as a dedicated father and husband, this is an important balance for him.

“Training with Luke has been a real game changer in my life as well as getting me strong for the mountains. In depth, supportive and inspiring.

James Hardy

Why the mountains?

The allure of the mountains has always held an irresistible charm for me. It’s the huge sense of challenge that draws me in. The mountains symbolize the ultimate test of resilience, pushing one’s limits and the raw power of nature. They create the perfect backdrop to test physical endurance and mental fortitude. Both resonate deeply with my coaching philosophy.

What are the worst things about the mountains?

The mountains guard their own set of challenges. Unpredictable weather patterns can quickly transform a serene trek into a life threatening ordeal. The unforgiving terrain demands respect and careful navigation. I’ve come to learn the critical importance of preparation, safety protocols and an unwavering commitment to responsible exploration ensuring that every trip is not only unforgettable but as safe as it can be.

What does life outside of Outlier Ascents look like for you?

As a qualified personal trainer I work a lot with individuals helping them realise their own goals and potentials. On top of this I also commit a portion of my time to another project, “The Human Upgrade”. An individualised coaching programme catering to men. This has been a fascinating journey watching clients rediscover themselves and take charge of their health, both mentally and physically.