Fitness Coaching

Our three-month fitness training program is designed to push you to your limits and help you achieve your full potential. With a focus on strength, endurance, and resilience, our program will prepare you for the rigors of climbing Mont Blanc.

Gym training of Outlier Ascents, UK based Mont Blanc climbing tour package

The starting point of our ‘Desk to Summit’ package, our 3-month fitness training program sees you work with expert trainers who will develop a customised workout plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Our program includes:

  • One-on-one Physical Assessment and tailored training program.
  • Nutritional guidance and support
  • Weekly progress tracking and goal setting
  • Access to our online community for support and motivation

Training Philosophy

Outlier Ascents prides itself on its science driven approach to training for the mountains. Through over 30 years of collective coaching and exercise experience, both in the mountains and in the gym we’ve found the perfect blend of training to get anyone mountain ready.  

We personalise every training program to fit you where you are currently at. By blending key components of Strength and Conditioning to build a base of fitness, we supplement this with multiple other areas such as Mobility, Stability and body awareness. To create the best most well rounded approach to the mountains and beyond. 

Training isn’t just about fitness, it’s also a mental endeavour. Through planned and periodised testing, we look to build the mental capacity of each individual in a unique way, so that they have the confidence and determination to overcome even the harshest environments and succeed.  

Outliers Training Philosophy is more than just a training programme, it’s a lifestyle. 

Gym training of Outlier Ascents, UK based Mont Blanc climbing tour package

“Ben lays out a very good program of training and the use of TrueCoach really helped me understand the exercises.”

David Uprichard – Co-Founder, OBC Design

Gym training of Outlier Ascents, UK based Mont Blanc climbing tour package

Training Process

Initial Consultation – Meet the Coach, understand where you current fitness lies and create the best plan for yourself going forward. We’ll talk goals, priorities, challenges and more. It’s about uncovering how best we can help you summit.

In Person Movement Assessment & Coaching Session – In person training session, where we’ll test movement mechanics to uncover any potential problems and teach you how to approach the training. This allows us to design the training more specifically for you.

Personalised Training Programme – Through the information gained in the initial consultation and movement assessment, we’ll create your bespoke training plan delivered through the Truecoach Application. This will fit your needs where you are to where you have to be.

Weekly Calls With Your Coach – A short call every two weeks to talk training and progression, this helps us to keep the training specific for you. While keeping you accountable to it. This is an opportunity to align areas outside of training to what’s needed for the mountains.

Constant Support Through Truecoach – Through Truecoach a unique personal training app, we’ll be in constant communication and on hand to answer any questions. This is also where you’ll track and measure your training progression.

Mountain Days – Time to test yourself in the mountains. There is only so much you can replicate in the gym, so getting to the mountains is a crucial part to understanding your unique needs. Through these mountain days well test your physical and mental capacity to the limit, preparing you for Mont Blanc.

3 Pillars of Training

Stability – The ability to be stable whatever the circumstances. As with all hiking and especially mountaineering terrain is not this, it is constantly unstable. Building the ability to be stable body and mind even in the harshest conditions or terrain is a huge part of the training. We train you to be comfortable on your feet and in your head through any unstable circumstance. 

Mobility – “The ability to move or be moved freely and easily.” This is crucial to allow you to move up a mountain with as much ease as possible. Broken down through your training, mobility will be a crucial part of the journey. Combined with the other elements you’ll put yourself in the best position to achieve anything fitness related. 

Strength – Strength is the foundation to build upon. The stronger the body, the more you can achieve, the more stable you will be and the more resilient you’ll become. Strength in this process takes up a large part of your training, it’s not lifting 1 Rep maxes its more strength to sustain hours of hard graft. Through progressive training you’ll see strength in all key areas improve drastically, preparing your for the requirements of the mountain. 

Photograph of coaching for Outlier Ascents, UK based Mont Blanc climbing tour package